About Us

Welcome to Amelia Candles – a manufacturer of luxury designer candles. We are a family run business, established in 2012, based in Hertfordshire, UK.

We are proud to offer you our collection of unique handmade candles, which are all made of high quality material and housed in exquisite packaging. Amelia Candles are ideal as a gift or the ultimate in self indulgence.

We have created a wide range of styles, colours and patterns to satisfy any taste. Our unique and elegantly styled luxury carved candles are a dream for any home and can be customised and personalised to your requirements, leaving a lasting impression on you or your loved ones. Many of our Customers commented that our candles have been a source of discussion during dinner parties.

Scent is the ultimate home accessory. The glow and delicious fragrance of a lit candle always creates a sense of luxury. With Amelia Candles you can decorate any space in seconds. Bathe rooms in aromatic candlelight. Use it to embrace the family, welcome friends or simply to create an area of calm and relaxation for yourself. Our gorgeous scented candles will transform your mood and make every room in your home benefit from the smoothing aromas.

We worked hard to produce an excellent product for you and hope that you will fully benefit from our services, which combine the highest quality of design, customer excellence and most importantly wonderful candles, which have been lovingly packaged for you by our committed and motivated team.