This unique and elegantly styled luxury handmade candle is a dream for any home, even when not lit and will be an ideal gift for your friend or loved one. Made by hand dipping in special carving coloured wax building up layer upon layer in the time old fashioned way. The candle is then carefully hand carved and covered in candle glaze.

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Candle making process: Carving candles is an art form that can take years to master. The carved wax folded and twisted around the core result in eye-catching and breath taking candle designs. Like any art form, the steps for making carved candles appear simple and straightforward, but implementing them can be extremely challenging. With practice, patience and experience, the techniques used to carve candles become more familiar. Once these techniques are mastered, ornate and highly original carved candles are created.

Size: We can offer 2 sizes: 23cm and 33cm high and diameter 14cm. (please note that dimensions are approximate).

Delivery time: Delivery time varies according to how many orders are currently being processed. We will not sacrifice quality for quantity so please give us time to get your candle made. As a general rule, candles are shipped within one week after being ordered. Please notify us if “Rush” delivery or arrival by a specific date is needed (in comments box) and we will do our best to accommodate. You can also order candles to be held and shipped at a later date. This option is often used for gift-giving occasions such as a Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas.

Therefore we wish you to be able to choose the Candle of your choice, so please feel free to custom order your own personal Candle.